Venetian Blinds

Made to measure, crafted to your style

Why our Venetian Blind Collection?

Perfect for controlling the light, aluminium venetian blinds are a modern classic with their sleek uncluttered style.

Bathroom Venetian Blinds

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As well as creating a modern look and feel our venetian blinds are also very practical. With its simple tilt and turn option to optimise, your ideal ambient light conditions and control privacy and security control.

Living Room Venetian Blinds

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Aluminium really is a fantastic material for a blind. It’s strong, light, doesn’t rust and is the most recycled metal on the planet. Water splashes run off and the venetian blind slats are so easy to clean.The perfect for kitchens or bathrooms.

Kitchen Venetian Blinds

Customised to you

With over 150 slat colours to choose from and available in four slat widths our venetian blind range offers a huge variety in styles to suit any interior design need. From plain whites and creams to striking abstract designs of all colours.

Living Room Venetian Blinds

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