Vision Blinds

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Vision Blinds

Also known as day and night blinds, are innovative window coverings featuring alternating opaque and sheer fabric stripes that can be adjusted to provide privacy, diffuse light, or offer a clear view, offering a versatile and stylish solution for any room.

What are Vision Blinds?

Vision blinds, often referred to as day and night blinds, present a modern and innovative approach to a traditional roller blind. Combining practical functionality with a distinctive design. Above all, the alternating horizontal stripes of translucent and opaque fabric is what identifies vision blinds. Providing customers with the ability to control light, visibility, and privacy in a dynamic manner.

Lastly, the unique construction of vision blinds allows for a diverse range of settings. By adjusting the position of the fabric bands, users can create different effects. When the bands overlap, they form a solid barrier that blocks light and offers privacy, akin to traditional blinds. Conversely, aligning the bands allows filtered natural light to permeate the room while maintaining a level of visibility to the outside.

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