Meet Our Latest Awnings

While blinds may be the key word in our business name, you’ll be happy to know we also stock a diverse collection of outdoor awnings for shade and elemental protection. We believe that awnings should compliment your property and not act as a visual burden on your beloved household. This is why we only handpick the finest designs, allowing us to curate a refined selection with the goal of suiting all tastes and temperaments.

If you are unsure about what kind of awning will suit your home, please feel free to drop by our Kidsgrove Showroom in Stoke-on-Trent and take a look at our products. We will also be happy to advise on specifications, installation and design so a picture of your home may help too. As for the awnings, we are proud to share a brand new collection from revered German manufacturers Weinor.

The new designs in this collection are as follows…

  • Livona

This open awning is an ideal choice for the minimalist approach. This light, attractive awning offers subtlety and quality where it matters most. With optional features such as LED lights and valance plus the Linova awning from Weinor can really help create that al fresco living experience.

To take a closer look at the Weinor Linova please click play on the video below.

  • Cassita

With its modern, ultra slim cassette patio awning – this stylised quality awning offers convenience and comfort in equal measures.


  • Opal

Classic design coupled with modern technology forms the basis for this superb work of attractive engineering. With its clean patterns and refined presentation, you can count on the Opal awning for reliability and aesthetic comfort.

Weinor Awning


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