How To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

With the days now shorter and the colder, winter is truly here. So, in a bit to keep your house warm and your rooms cosy, we’ve compiled 3 great ideas to get you feeling festive for the winter season ahead.

cosy winter interiors


Change Your Linen

It’s such a simple thing to do and will have a great impact on how warm you are at night, so switch from cotton or linen bedsheets to a thicker material like flannel or jersey. These are more artificial in composition and keep you warmer as the fabrics are not ‘breathable’. Add on a faux fur throw and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter bed set up.


Light Candles

When the sun begins to set there’s nothing more calming than the flicker of a candle. So why not opt for a scented candle or two this winter to fill your room with a delicious festive cinnamon scent that will create a warming glow too. Snuggle up on the sofa and get cosy.

the white company christmas candle


Add New Textures

Colder homes in winter allows us more freedom, than summer, to play around with textures. Think thick hides, sheepskins, cashmeres, faux furs, wools etc. All these materials can be used on cushions, blankets, stools, sofas etc and all are the perfect way to introduce some winter cosiness into the home. The most popular instant winter touch would be to add a draping sheepskin on to your existing furniture e.g. dining chair for a Scandinavian winter feel.

sheep skin chairs


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