Valentines Day Décor

Whether you’re looking to sweep your partner off their feet this Valentines day or simply having a regular night in with a friend, why not spruce up your space with some easy Valentines décor tips. No need to go all out as it’s not Christmas all over again, but Valentines day brings a nice excuse to add some atmospheric décor into your home. Follow these easy décor ideas and you’ll have the perfect environment for a night with a rom-com, some wine and chocolate no matter who you’re spending it with!



If you’re planning a dinner at home, nothing says ‘romantic evening in’ more than a specially laid table setting. Instead of your run of the mill tableware setting you usually use, why not try mixing things up a bit. Try including elements like a place mat, cocktail glass, side plate and napkins. A simple tip is to get a sprig of something like eucalyptus or rosemary and lay it on the napkin, for a simple but effective place setting.

valentines tableware


Candles are super for creating atmosphere with minimum effort but maximum impact. Try tea lights, pillar candles or tapered candles around the room for a cosy glow. If you’re limited on budget or time, a single tea light in a drinking glass (acting as a votive) on your dinner table will suffice.

valentines day candles


There’s no better gesture than a bouquet of flowers so try opting for flowers with pink and red hues to represent Valentines day for your special someone. If you’re not looking to impress anyone in particular, but want to create a cosy Valentines setting, still opt for flowers but  dot them around your home rather than as a focal point. A top tip for choosing flowers, is when you get home take the cellophane wrap of immediately, as these cause the flowers to ‘sweat’ and can decrease their life-span due to bacteria that grows in the warmer temperature.

valentines day flowers


Try one, or all, of these Valentines inspired decor ideas and see where the night takes you. But wherever the night takes you, please remember to close your blinds and curtains!

All images courtesy of Pixabay.