Blackout Blinds – Why they are Brilliant for Your Health

Blackout Blinds – Why they are Brilliant for Your Health


Just like having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise, getting enough quality sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being. And for most of us, a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep means a dark, light-free room. Sunlight sneaking in through the cracks in your curtains is a signal to your brain that it’s time to wake up and start the day. During the lighter, brighter months, made-to-measure blackout blinds could mean the difference between a great night’s sleep and feeling a bit groggy.

Spring officially sprung this year on Friday 20th March with the arrival of the spring equinox. And as if to confirm its arrival, we’ve been treated so some stunning sunshine all week. Our clocks also move forward on Sunday 29th, signalling brighter, lighter evenings and longer days. This is great news for family barbecues and spending more time in the garden, but lighter evenings can be problematic for some, particularly for younger children. Read on to discover how blackout blinds will not only benefit your home but how they will benefit your health, too:


A Good Night’s Sleep

The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of quality sleep every night, and children and teenagers a couple more. But whatever your age, not spending enough time in the land of nod means you won’t function your best the next day.

Getting enough good quality sleep helps to improve your productivity, your emotional balance and your immune system. Even just losing one hour of sleep can negatively impact your energy levels, your heart health and your body’s ability to fight infections.

If you’re a light sleeper and don’t want to be woken prematurely with the morning light, blackout blinds will create blissful, tranquil darkness in any room. So reduce stress, improve your memory and help your body heal by having the quality sleep your mind and body need.


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Protect Your Furniture

Blackout blinds are not only brilliant for a better night’s sleep; they can help to keep your home looking its best too.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be damaging to your furniture, fading your fabrics and your floor coverings. But as blackout lining blocks out the sunlight, blackout blinds offer an effective UV-blocking solution for any room.

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Energy Saving

Blackout blinds will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, helping you to do your bit for the environment by reducing your energy usage and save money on your energy bills too.

South-facing rooms can radiate heat around your home during the spring and summer months, making some rooms uncomfortably warm. But thanks to their lining, blackout blinds will help to reduce this heat by as much as 24%, so you can keep your home cooler and more comfortable.


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The Power of a Nap

Did you know that having a snooze can make you smarter?

Having an afternoon nap will increase your productivity, energy levels and cognitive function for the rest of the day — all great excuses to go back to bed. During the lighter months, a blackout blind makes a daytime power nap possible, refreshing your mood, reducing stress and making your mind sharper. So, when your energy levels start to slump, give the caffeine a miss and opt for a snooze instead.

At Barnes Blinds, our blackout blinds are available in a huge range of colours, patterns and fabrics. And can even be motorised for complete convenience and control.


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Stay Safe & We’ll See You Soon

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to take care of yourself and look after each other. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep, eating well and staying healthy.

In the interests of the health and safety of our staff, our customers and our community, our showroom in Kidsgrove is temporarily closed. We want to send our love to you and your family, and we look forward to seeing you when life returns to normal.


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