What blinds are best for bi-fold doors?

Bi-folding and sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular in properties. They create a vast expanse of moveable glass, which can flood the room with natural light, helping to open a room up and bring the outside in.

bifolding doors


When it comes to dressing them, however, some people come a bit unstuck and struggle to know how best to tackle the doors. It is a question we get asked about a lot about by our customers when visiting our showroom. We’re going to shed some light on the ways in which you can dress these doors depending on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve.


Vertical blinds are a household staple but not everyone thinks of them being a modern window dressing that they can be. They offer great levels of versatility. The option to draw them back to the side, leaving the window and doors fully open, to tilt and turn the slats for varying levels of light filtration and of course fully drawn and rotated to the closed position to give maximum privacy. Vertical blind fabrics have also come on leaps and bounds from the traditional jacquard fabrics we are all too familiar with. This enables us to create a design feature that suits your every need. From contemporary and minimal to bold and bright. Then alls that is left to do is finish the blind off with a stylish Vogue headrail which separates the modern day vertical from the traditional office style headrail, available in 6 on trend colours to suit any window.

vertical blinds for bi-fold doors

Louvolite – Monterey Shale with Satin Silver Vogue Headrail


Sticking with the vertical theme the next option available for bi-folding doors is Panel Blinds. These offer a similar style of function with the ability to draw the blinds back and fourth across the window. They are also made in the same fabrics as vertical blinds but are much wider ‘panels’ hence their name. Not as versatile as the standard vertical blinds as you can’t tilt these blinds but they still create a dramatic feature in the room and give strong blocks of colour or pattern which can tie in to the overall look or feel of a room.

panel blind for bi-fold doors

Louvolite – Woodland Silver Birch and Carnival Raven


A product we are very excited about that is new to the market is the wonderful Allusion blind. This is a very modern take on the vertical blind and has been designed with bi-folding doors in mind. Ripples of sheer fabric similar to that of a wave curtain, twinned with woven louvres in natural urban tones.  These blinds have all the versatility of standard vertical blinds, the louvres rotate to allow softly diffused light to filter through, or to close completely giving maximum privacy. The way these blinds are suspended from their Vogue headrail even allows for you to be able to walk through them.



Moving away from allusion blinds sees another popular way of dressing these large bi-fold or patio doors and that is with a series of roller blinds. Unlike the vertical blinds which can go very wide, roller blinds are limited to the width of the fabric in most cases so a series of roller blinds is the best way to go. This does add an amount of flexibility which you can’t get from the other options we have given. The blinds can be split in a way that matches the breaks in your windows and doors. With an abundance of fabrics available to choose from you can easily create the look you want whether you go for a simple but effective sheer fabric or something more vibrant and bold like Tropicana Apple Mojito pictured below.

roller blind bi-fold doors

 Louvolite – Tropicana Apple Mojito 

Having a series of roller blinds could look quite fussy from a fitting point of you with multiple brackets but we have the ability to finish them off each in their own stylish cassette or in one continuous cassette making the blinds look seamless and slick. Going one step further here and motorising your roller blinds can then eliminate the need for control chains and make opening and closing them quick and easy at the touch of a button.


Hopefully this helps to give some idea and inspiration on what kind of blinds to use on bi-fold doors. Of course there are more options available, but this covers the most popular solutions. With hundreds of fabrics and combinations to choose from the possibilities are endless.

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