15% off selected vertical and roller blind blackout fabric


Our Offer

If you are considering having a blackout blind this summer then look no further as our innovative range of fabrics and linings are perfect for keeping out sunlight.

For the month of June we are offering 15% off all of our vertical and roller blind blackout fabrics to help you and your children get a better night’s sleep during the summer months.

Why choose a blackout blind?

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes early sunrises and longer evenings.

To keep out the bright light many people invest in a blackout blind to reduce the amount of light that enters their window.

They nicely block out almost all the light flooding through your window, encouraging a good night’s sleep and mostly importantly they:

  • Regulate room temperature
  • Reduce external noise
  • Help to keep out drafts

The benefits of a blackout blind

New parents soon appreciate a good quality blackout blind in their baby’s bedroom for those quiet naps in the day.

But of course it won’t just be just children struggling to sleep, our blackout blinds are also popular with shift workers and anyone who needs to get a good hours rest during daylight hours.

Blackout blinds are also great in bathrooms as they offer the most privacy and in sunny living rooms the fabrics can reduce glare on your television screen.

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