Blinds Summer Trends 2015

You’ve no doubt noticed how the passing seasons dictate how we present ourselves – well; the same can be said of interior design and your window blinds. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your home’s aesthetic and set the mood for the coming months. Do signs of a nested winter still linger unnoticed? Come on, it’s time to freshen things up and get some inspiration from our summer trends 2015 guide!

Blinds are an ideal way of bringing a fresh aesthetic to your living space while simultaneously letting in natural sun light to illuminate your home. Better yet, with an ever growing availability of modern and vintage patterns, colours and prints available in blind form you can perfectly compliment the rest of your home’s design.

  • Greens

Light colours not only help promote natural light in the home but also help keep the temperature cool with reflective properties. Rather than go for dark, absorbent shades to block out the sun; you’re better off embracing the perks of nature by literally going green!


  • Brushstrokes

Bring the flourish of summer flora into your home with this beautifully quaint brushstroked blind. Featuring delightful shades of purple and green, the veiled transparency will allow the summer sun to radiate your home while keeping out prying eyes and excessive heat.

Brush strokes

  • Casual Country

Fond of  the vibes of yesteryear but fear your kitchen may have have already reached peak vintage? Fear not for our casual country blinds offer the perfect compliment to your porcelain basin, old school toaster and Cath Kidston  dish cloths. Subtle, cute and above all ready for summer!


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