Botanical Living – The Window Blinds Edition

A trend that has been around for a number of years and continues to have a strong place in interior design is botanical. In essence, trying to create a sense of outdoor living indoors, with the use of different natural materials alongside floral print fabrics. From florals through to tropical ferns, featuring flora and fauna within your living space. The range of styles and types of botanical patterns means there’s so much you can play with in your home.


Escape into a tropical paradise as we present the first of the fabulous new laminates, Paradise Chartreuse. Rich bright colours and this fun exotic design really bring ultimate combination of colour, print and texture. The colourful leaf trail is complimented by a natural woven bamboo effect base cloth in a fashionable mink/grey tone, and now with a cerise version to add a pop of bright colour to go with the room.



Another style is Woodland, which gives a nod to Scandinavian style where its muted monochrome hues and linear structure create a crisp winter woodland landscape. This design was taken from a forestry photograph and was adapted to achieve a more graphic look. Woodland Silver Birch is a really versatile fabric and we think it could used in just about any room in the house, to create an instant woodland atmosphere. The bright white base cloth we have chosen to print this design on has been selected specifically to allow the light to softy filter through, just as it would on a bright winter’s morning.  This bold statement piece will make any room feel that its in the middle of a Scandinavian forest any time of the year.


Paring either of these blind fabrics with natural wooden effect furniture, with light paint and natural stone ornaments will complete the look, with these claiming blind fabrics will tie this theme together into a calming atmosphere for any room of the house.


If your after a vibrant floral effect Tropicana adds the wow factor with a major hit of colours to make the window a focal point in any room. The tropical print is a huge trend that’s filtered from the catwalk through to home interiors, with a statement large scale floral print that would make even the gloomiest of rooms come alive. The combination of lush foliage and explosions of colour will evoke feelings of a tropical paradise. This lush, all-over design is made up of loose watercolour technique.

Tropicana Apple Mojito – combining apple greens, peacocks and emeralds

Teaming this with natural wood tone furniture with calming paint around and potted plants around will complete this theme, this really brings the outdoors inside during the long nights.


With this trend you could make any room in the house the outside, with its calming influence, this could work in the bedroom, a study or living area, to help ease yourself after a long day or to gear yourself up for a big day.  When using these large prints and colour options, we recommend keeping the wall colours simple to help make the pattern stand out.


When replicating this look we recommend that you follow three basic rules,

  1. Add plants to the room, this will help make the patterns used in fabrics pop.
  2. Keep thins natural, use wood and stone to give the added depth of nature into your room.
  3. Layer the room, add a natural effect rug, scatter cushions in a similar floral fabric and different levels of lighting.

So what do you think? Do you like the look of botanical living?