From Curtains to Blinds: This Season’s Key Colour Trends

From Curtains to Blinds: This Season’s Key Colour Trends


Considering new window blinds? Or contemplating updating your curtains?

Are you desperate to redecorate but don’t know the key interior design colours for autumn/winter 2019?

Don’t panic. We’ve got you (and your windows!) covered.

Here are four of this season’s must-have colour trends that will keep your home looking hot and you the envy of all your friends:



Purple is ultimately luxurious and unashamedly lavish. And often associated with royalty and opulence. Both dazzling and dramatic, this regal colour demands to be noticed and is bang on-trend for autumn/winter 2019.

Purple may be posh, but it’s not just for nobility. So why not add a little luxury to your living room? Or a splash of pizzazz with breath-taking purple blinds?

Pair this princely shade with soft greys and greens for a home fit for a king.


Dark Green

Recently announced as Graham & Brown’s colour of the year, dark green will see you being super trendy all through next spring and summer.

The colour of new beginnings, vitality and country gardens, the freshness of green will help to bring a healthy feel of the outdoors into your home. This key colour will create a natural, peaceful vibe in any room. Adaptable and timeless, dark green will also add a touch of drama.

Pair with blush pink to balance out the potency and have the sharpest home on the street.

Palm print wallpaper is hotter than summertime in the Sahara right now, too. So, why not get going with dark green?


Peacock Blue

Chosen by professional interior designers, Kelly-Moore’s Peacock Blue was selected as the 2019 Colour of the Year and is still standing strong as a key colour trend.

Blue is a brilliant colour in any room. It promotes calmness and relaxation, encouraging concentration, helping aid sleep and enhancing productivity. The psychological benefits of using this popular hue in your home are well known. And as it’s an on-trend colour, you’ll not only make your home feel fabulous, it will look amazing, too.

Totally on-trend for textiles, peacock blue, with its green undertones, looks gorgeous coupled with colours like pink or mustard. So why not puff out your tail feathers and pick peacock blue?



Don’t fancy loads of colour? Bold brights a bit too much? Prefer subtle shades?

If purples, greens and blues aren’t for you, don’t worry. Neutral tones are seriously in style for the new autumn/winter season.

Oatmeal and rust colours create a warm, cosy feel and work well with wooden flooring and furniture.

Always elegant, natural tones are easy to use in any room. So, if you’d rather steer clear of strong colours, a subtle neutral is a great shade.


From blinds and curtains to shutters and awnings, at Barnes Blinds we’ve got all your window coverings covered. And as we manufacture, measure and install all our blinds, you’ll know your blinds and curtains will fit as perfectly as they look.

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