3 Ways to Jazz up Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are just so versatile. From curved headrails and staggered louvres to printed PVC and glare-reduction fabrics, they’re a brilliant blind option, whatever window you need to dress.

Do you need a shade for a large or shaped window? Are you looking for a waterproof blind for your bathroom? Or would you like complete control over the amount of daylight coming into your room? Then vertical blinds could be for you.

But did you know these blinds are easy to individualise and liven up too?

So, if you’re looking to make a real style statement with your new shades, discover our three favourite ways to jazz up your vertical blinds:


Colourful Headrails

A white headrail isn’t your only choice. Why not choose to have your headrail in the same colour as your fabric with our Vogue vertical blind options? Or maybe a contrasting colour that connects with your room’s décor?

Vertical blinds can fit quirky or bay windows beautifully. By shaping the headrail and cutting each louvre to the correct length, we can make your curved or slopping window look stunning. They work brilliantly across multi-height windows and doors, too.

vogue vertical blind headrail


Weights & Chains

Choosing to have your weights and chains in a contrasting colour to your louvres will add an exciting touch to your vertical blinds. Rather than blending with your blinds, have your chain in a different colour to make it stand out; this will give your window shades a completely different feel. Matching your chain’s finish with another key colour in your room will work well and help your window covering tie in with your décor.

upgrade vertical blinds


Motorised Operation

Why not jazz up your vertical blinds by adding the ultimate modern touch?
Achieve the control you crave by having your blinds motorised. Simply tap your smartphone or push a button on a remote and your blinds will open or close at your command.

Motorised vertical blinds not only give you incredible convenience, but they will improve your home’s security and energy efficiency, too. From the ability to pre-set your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day, making your home appear occupied to programming your shades to make the most of the season’s natural light, motorised verticals offer much more than a touch of luxury.

And as we’re Somfy Experts, you know we have years of experience fitting motorised blinds in homes like yours.

motorised vertical blinds


From difficult windows to dress to practical PVC slats for kitchens and bathrooms, vertical blinds will give you the perfect balance of light, privacy and style. And with over 200 fabrics in stock, why not call in to see us at our showroom in Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent?


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Considering new motorised blinds? Not sure what type of vertical would be best for your bathroom? Need help choosing your headrail? Our friendly, experienced team will be happy to help.

At Barnes Blinds we’ve got all your window coverings covered. And as we manufacture, measure and install all our products, you’ll know your beautiful new blinds will fit as brilliantly as they look.

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