How to Make a House a Home in 4 Simple Steps

Cool, on-trend furniture that is perfectly styled to impress all of your visitors may seem like the dream, but does it really feel like your personal space. Here are a few tips on how to turn your ideal house into a home!


Art Work

Wall hangings and artwork are the perfect way to add character and personality into your home. Gallery walls can create a stunning statement when you step into a room. If it shows off a collection of images that you love, such as graphic art and cool posters then even better. Having photos of family and friends are also a key way to bring familiarity into your space by using photos that make you feel happy and evoke special memories.

how to make a house a home



Everyone is mad about plants at the moment but it’s no surprise as they add freshness and life to a room. Not only have they been proven to help improve mental health which is incredibly important for life spent at home. They also de-stress, detoxify they air as well as adding natural bright colour. Choose your favourite plants and put them in varying pots to add some fun into your home. This can really help make a house a home.

how to make a house a home


A Space For You

Create a space that feels like a corner dedicated for you. A little place in your house that makes you feel particularly happy, such as a reading nook with a comfy chair and a coffee table including all your favourite books. Create a personalised corner with images and objects that inspire and motivate you. For ultimate cosiness, use lamps to create pools of light that separate off that area from the rest of the house – an idea taken from the Scandinavians!

how to make a house a home


Colour is wonderfully important element to add in your home. Use tones that make you feel happy – don’t just pick a colour you’ve seen in a magazine or online. Every colour will have a different meaning to each person as our relationships with colour usually relate to personal life experiences. This can be done by adding pops of colour in your cushions and throws on your sofa, on your walls or even on your ceilings as the latest trend says. By choosing your favourite colours and patterns for home comforts it will make you feel cosier and comfortable at home.

how to make a house a home


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