Motorised vs Regular Blinds: Which will You Choose?  

Motorised vs Regular Blinds: Which will You Choose?  


Whether you opt for regular manual blinds or motorised blinds for your home, you’ll be making a great window-covering choice.

Blinds are brilliant and, you may be surprised to know, have been around for quite some time — centuries, in fact. You may consider blinds to be a modern home furnishing, but people have long appreciated the benefits of such a versatile window shade.

Blinds give you greater control, more convenience and copious amounts of style. But with regular or motorised options now available, which should you choose for your home?

To help make life a little easier, we’ve put together a few benefits of both options for you, below:

motorised vs regular blinds 


Regular Manual Blinds


Unlike curtains, window blinds give you much greater control over the amount of light coming into your home. So, you can easily cut annoying glare without cutting out your room’s natural light completely.

Adjust your window blind to your specific needs, and you’ll have the perfect amount of privacy without having to have your blind completely closed.

Some of our customers find adjusting their blinds manually by chain or cord easier than adjusting when motorised. Achieving the exact stopping position you’d like can sometimes be tricky when using a remote control or app on your phone.



They may have been around for centuries, but blinds never go out of style. The right blind really will make your room more cosy, more contemporary and possibly more colourful.

From rollers and romans to wooden venetians and verticals, you’re sure to find your favourite type of blind available in the material, colour or pattern that fits perfectly with the interior décor of your home.



As you’d expect, regular manual window blinds are more cost-effective than their motorised counterparts, so are a great option if you’re working with a smaller budget. But if cost isn’t your key consideration, and maybe more convenience is, read on to discover the many benefits of a motorised blind.


Motorised Blinds



Perhaps the main benefit of a motorised window blind over a manual is the wonderful convenience and control. With a simple tap of your smartphone or the touch of a button, you can effortlessly open or close your blinds from wherever you happen to be.

Just settled down for family film night and forgotten to close the blinds? With a motorised blind, you’ll have the convenience of being able to lower your shade without the inconvenience of leaving your settee.

Being a Somfy Expert, we have years of experience with motorised blinds and are backed by one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the motorisation industry.



Do you worry about your home’s safety when you’re not there? Motorised blinds will help to give you the peace of mind you need and keep your home more secure while you’re away.

Motorised window blinds are completely programmable. With a few taps of your tablet, you can pre-set your blinds to open and close at specific times automatically. This automatic opening and closing will give the impression your home is occupied while you’re away and help to deter potential intruders.


Energy Efficiency

Motorised window blinds will help you to be more energy efficient. Programme your blinds according to the time of day and year, and they’ll automatically open to make the most of the season’s natural light and close to keep your space cosy during the cooler times of the day.

By utilising your blinds and reducing your reliance on central heating and electric lighting, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet and saving money on energy bills, too.


motorised vs regular blinds



Whether you decide to go for manual or motorised blinds, at Barnes Blinds we’ve got all your window coverings covered. And as we manufacture, measure and install all our blinds, you’ll know your beautiful new blinds will fit as brilliantly as they look.


Call us on 01782 771117 or click HERE to arrange your free home appointment. Or pop in to see us in our showroom in Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent and we’ll help you decide which type of blinds will be best for you.

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