Romantic Home Decorating Ideas

When you share a home with the one you love, romance shouldn’t just be saved for Valentine’s Day. Your home is your special place together away from the outside world, so you should aim to make your home a haven of romance all year round. Looking for romantic home decorating ideas that will transform your space into a relaxing, romantic retreat?

Whether you’re planning a cosy night in this Valentine’s Day, looking to add a few dreamy touches to your home or you’re simply looking to redecorate your space, you’re bound to fall in love with our top five romantic home decorating ideas.



Light Your Home with Candles

Switch off your electric lights and cast a starry-eyed spell by lighting a few candles. The soft flicker of candle flame will immediately transform the mood and feel of any room.

Whether you’re cuddling up with a loved one or kicking back to watch the box, the glow of candlelight will help to create a relaxed, calm and atmospheric environment.

To maximise the romantic effect, place your candles next to a mirror, in a glass container or near to a light wall.

romantic candles


Create a Cosy Ambience with Curtains

Curtains create contrast, mood and cosiness in any room and never go out of style. Whatever pattern or fabric you prefer, quality curtains will give your home the romantic, luxurious feel you crave.

Perfect for providing that all-important privacy, curtains frame your windows by day and completely close your personal space off to the outside world by night.

So, you can snuggle up on date night without the worry of snooping eyes.

romantic curtains


Build a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall will give your home a truly personal touch and will make you smile every time you walk by.

Display your love for all to see by creating a wall of all your favourite memories —from your wedding day, that hilarious holiday and the latest family photoshoot — and feel the love all year round.

Fill a wall with frames of identical, geometric or a mix of sizes and shapes to create a unique, personal gallery you’ll love to look at.

romantic gallery wall


Set the Mood with Soft Shades

Neutral tones, natural colours and soft shades will create a chic, calming feel in your home.

Natural tones are also big this year in interior design. From the soft, grey shade of green that is Tranquil Dawn, selected as the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 to the pale aqua and mint chosen as Crown’s colour choices for this year.

Decorate your home in gentle hues, and it will be both on trend and effortlessly romantic. Why not go for gorgeous Vision blinds in a dreamy white or sensual soft blue?

vision blinds


Light a Fire

A real, crackling fire is perfect when you want to snuggle up with your loved one on a chilly evening, and it makes for the ultimate romantic setting.

Whether you’re sharing a bottle of champagne or just sipping a brew, watching the flames flicker will bring a deep, primal comfort and create a cosy, romantic mood every day of the year.

romantic fireplace


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